Justin Davies

Interventional Consultant Cardiologist, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, UK

Dr Justin Davies is a leading clinical academic in the field of interventional cardiology.  Based as a consultant interventional cardiologist at Hammersmith Hospital, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London, he has pioneered the development of several new clinical techniques from bench top to the clinical catheter laboratory.  Most recently these technological breakthroughs include iFR (instant wave-free ratio) and iFR SCOUT both of which make use of a better understanding of coronary  haemodynamics.  Together with improved sensor and microprocessor technology, iFR allow for the first time the evaluation of the severity of a coronary stenosis without the need for administration of powerful vasodilator drugs.   

Although currently a practicing interventional consultant cardiologists Justin’s science training was a doctorate in fluid dynamics and computational programming.  This led to the development of analysis techniques such as coronary wave intensity analysis and the wave-reservoir theory both of which are increasingly used in research studies.  In his post-doctoral days he has continued to work on the development of mathematical algorithms to aid understanding of large artery physiology and to develop new tools to assess arterial disease.   

The holder of 15 patents, he has published widely in the field of hypertension, coronary and large artery physiology and is the winner of many national and international awards.  He has several international collaborations, and is the developer of iFR and the co-principal investigator of the ADVISE studies, the DEFINE-FLAIR, and ORBITA studies.  Justin has an interest in renal denervation, and has lead first-in-man studies to evaluate the safety of this technique to patients with chronic systolic heart failure (REACH studies) and hypertension.  

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