Jackie Bosch

Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University
Investigator, Population Health Research Institute, HHS & McMaster University

Dr. Bosch has focussed her efforts on the conduct of large, multinational clinical trials in the areas of primary and secondary cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention Dr. Bosch is interested in the design of clinical research and in improving the efficiency of conducting clinical trials, and has been involved in the Sensible Guidelines working group to improve key aspects or research implementation. She has also been part of the faculty who provide the international Clinical Trials courses offered by PHRI and has co-chaired the Canadian Initiative to Streamline Clinical Trials. She currently oversees the conduct of three large trials and numerous smaller projects.
Dr. Bosch’s clinical interest is in the area of functional outcomes, and she has worked with colleagues to develop functional outcome measures that can be used in large, international trials. She leads the functional outcome data collection, along with cognitive and physical measures, in two large studies. She is also Co-investigator on two post-stroke intervention trials, one to improve mobility in those with impairments and the other to implement stroke units in low and middle income countries. She is a full time faculty member in the School of Rehabilitation Science as well as an Investigator at the Population Health Research Institute, both at McMaster University.

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