Imaging Symposium and AGM

Thursday 10 August, 0830-1700hrs

0830-1700 Imaging Symposium and AGM Meeting Rooms 1-3

Cardiac Function

Chairs:  Joseph Selvanayagam and Sudhir Wahi

0830-0900 Evaluation of cardiomyopathies – echo and nuclear Jeroen Bax, The Netherlands
0900-0930 Role of MRI and MRS in heart failure Stefan Neubauer, UK
0930-1000 T1, T2 and other markers in cardiomyopathies  James Moon, UK
1000-1030 The CSANZ Imaging Symposium Keynote Lecture
Multimodality Cardiac Imaging: The dollars and the sense
Tom Marwick, VIC
1030-1050 MORNING TEA  

Valvular Heart Disease

Chairs: Walter Abhayaratna and David Playford

1050-1110 Stress echocardiography in valvular heart disease – clinical applications Adrian Chong, QLD
1110-1130 MRI for evaluation of valve disease: Flow and volumes Andrew Taylor, VIC
1130-1150 Mitral valve assessment: What a surgeon wants/needs to know Pragnesh Joshi, WA
1150-1210 Assessment of aortic stenosis – role of echo and cardiac CT Angus Thompson, WA
1210-1240 The role of 3D echocardiography in valvular / structural intervention  Victoria Delgado, The Netherlands
1240-1330 LUNCH  

Ischaemic Heart Disease

Chairs:  Victoria Delgado and Thomas Marwick

1330-1350 Imaging atherosclerosis – when does primary prevention become secondary?           Niels van Pelt, NZ
1350-1410 Evaluation of diastolic function, its value in CAD Sandhir Prasad, QLD
1410-1440 Evolving techniques in CT evaluation of coronary artery disease; CT-FFR?        David Newby, UK
1440-1530 Challenging cases in CAD – role of imaging                                                                   David Playford, WA
Sudhir Wahi, QLD
1530-1600 AFTERNOON TEA  
1600-1700 Imaging Council AGM  


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