Early Investigator Symposium & Panel Discussion

Thursday 10 August, 1330 – 1700hrs

This session is open to all CSANZ and ISHR registrants at all career stages, at no additional cost (included with ASM registration fees).

This symposium is aimed toward providing ECIs, from both basic science and clinical backgrounds, further opportunity to present their work at a major conference.

Please tick the box during registration to indicate your interest in a talk.  If you have already registered and would like to add this to your registration, please email csanzet@tcc.co.nz

This will be followed by a panel discussion, aimed at providing an opportunity for ECIs and senior investigators to discuss an interesting and potentially controversial topic.

1330-1700 Early Investigator Symposium and Panel Discussion Meeting Room 7
1330-1500 ECI Symposium “Molecular mechanisms and predictors of cardiac pathology”  
1500-1530 LUNCH  
1530-1700 Gene manipulation in the future of cardiovascular therapeutics  

Sponsored by ISHR-International.

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