Cardiovascular Genetics Council Symposium

Thursday 10 August, 1330-1530hrs

1330-1530 Cardiovascular Genetics Council Symposium
Session Title: Ventricular Anatomy, Development and Disease
Meeting Room 11
  Chairs: Diane Fatkin and Jodie Ingles  
1330-1400 A 3D view of ventricular development Antoon Moorman, The Netherlands
1400-1415 Left ventricular non-compaction: Clinical/imaging Brendan McQuillian, WA
1415-1430 Left ventricular non-compaction: Genetics Samantha Barrett Ross, NSW
1430-1445 New insights into ventricular trabecular development Gonzalo Del Monte Nieto, NSW
1445-1500 Modeling human cardiomyopathy mutations using iPS cells David Elliot, VIC
1500-1515 3D cardiac organoids James Hudson, QLD
1515-1530 Discussion  
1600-1700 Genetics Council AGM (new members are welcome)  

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