Associated Meetings

Wednesday 9 August
1730-1815 CSANZ Interventional Council AGM   


Thursday 10 August

0830-1600 Imaging Symposium (click here for more info)  
0900-1230 Clinical and Preventative Cardiology Council Meeting (click here for more info)  
0900-1230 CSANZ Board Meeting (closed)  
1030-1230 ISHR Council Executive Meeting (closed)  
1100-1200 Workshop with Professor Anna Strömberg:
“Building Successful International Research Collaborations in Cardiovascular Care” 
1115-1530 Clinical Trials Working Group Meeting and AGM (click here for more info)  
1230-1300 Clinical and Preventative Cardiology Council AGM  
1230-1330 Interventional Nurses Council AGM  
1230-1300 CSANZ Cardiovascular Nursing Council AGM  
1300-1400 Heart Failure Symposium: Joint symposium with the CSANZ Cardiovascular Nursing Council 
Symposium and Australian Heart Failure Collaborative Group Council (click here for more info)
1300-1400 Indigenous Health Council AGM  
1330-1530 Cardiovascular Genetics Council Symposium (click here for more info)  
1330-1700 Early Investigator Symposium and Panel Discussion (click here for more info)  
1400-1530 CSANZ Heart Failure Satellite Meeting (follows Heart Failure Symposium)  
1430-1700 Workshop on Developing Position Statements and Guidance For Lipid Management
(click here for more info)
1530-1700 CSANZ Heart Failure Council AGM  
1530-1800 Electrophysiology and Pacing Council Symposim and AGM (click here for more info)  
1600-1700 Cardiovascular Genetics Council AGM  
1600-1700 Everything you want to know about Writing Reviews and Reviewing:
hosted by Heart, Lung and Circulation
1600-1700 Imaging Council AGM  
1600-1800 ATC in Cardiology Meeting (closed)  
1800-1830 Australian and New Zealand Cardiac Devices Advisory and Complications Committee
(ANZCDACC) General Meeting 2017 (closed)

Friday 11 August
1230-1330 Advanced Training Trainee’s Workshop  
1230-1330 Advanced Training Supervisor’s Workshop  
1230-1400 Heart Lung and Circulation Editorial Board Meeting  
1230-1400 Allied Health, Scientists and Technologists Council AGM   
1245-1315 NEDA Study Steering Committee  
1245-1345 MBS Review Update  
1300-1345 ANZCMR / SCMR AGM  
1315-1350 NEDA Investigators and Participating Sites  
1900-2200 ISHR Dinner and AGM
(ticket required - can be purchased at time of registration)
1900-2145 AAS Clinical Lipidology Workshop (click here to register)  

Saturday 12 August
1030-1200 ESC, ACC and CSANZ: Future opportunities  
1200-1330 ISHR Early Investigator Speed Networking Luncheon (click here for more info)  
1215-1315 CSANZ AGM  


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